The Greene Turtle Sports Bar & Grille
You love your mom. I do too. Moms are the best, right? Of course, sometimes you feel bad because you haven’t done enough for the woman that LITERALLY GAVE BIRTH TO YOU. That all changes this year. Mother’s Day is always an event around Turtle HQ, but we decided this year that we wanted to give one of you lucky folks the chance to make your mom’s Mother’s Day the most unforgettable one yet. How did we do that, you ask? We’re giving one of you a trip for two to Napa Valley so you can thank your mom in the best way possible: with a free trip for the both of you to the wine capital of the world. The best part is, it is easy to enter. All you have to do is one of three things:
1. Be a Rewards member and visit your Turtle, check in using your GTR account, and enjoy a delicious meal.
2. Post a picture of you and your mom on social media using #GreeneTurtleMoms
3. Enter online at
That’s it. Your choice of three ways to enter. We’ll pick our winner on Mother’s Day and that lucky winner will be able to share the good news with the greatest mom in the world. You know, because all of our moms are the best mom in the world. Email any questions to!
Just as we did a year ago, we’re saying thank you to all the teachers out there with a free meal. The feedback we got last year was overwhelmingly positive, and we love having this chance each year to recognize the hard work, time, and effort these heroes put forth each and every day making the world a little smarter. It’s no easy task. The details are just like last time around – any teacher with a valid school ID can swing by all day on Wednesday, May 3rd and grab a meal on us. With a purchase of a beverage, you will receive an item up to $12 for free, or $12 toward something more expensive. Offer only applies to dining in. We hope to see you and every other teacher there on Wednesday, and even if you’re not a teacher, stop by and thank one. They really don’t hear that enough!
While we certainly understand the importance and significance of a holiday like Cinco de Mayo, we also understand that, much like St. Patrick’s Day, the holiday has taken on a bit of a different meaning than perhaps was once intended. In short, Cinco de Mayo is an excuse to do a bit of partying, and really, why would we want to stand in the way of that? In this crazy world we live in, any excuse to have a few margaritas and some delicious Mexican food with a bunch of great friends is a good excuse, right? Right. It’s especially true on the rare occasion that the holiday falls on a weekend. Lucky for us, Cinco de Mayo is coming up this Friday. Every location will be something a little different, so visit your Turtle’s Facebook page to see what they have in store. Rest assured, though, that there will be plenty of drink and food specials all day long. Feliz Cinco de Mayo!
The Greene Turtle. Naked Turtle White Rum. The Sea Turtle Conservancy.

Getting the three of us together was a no-brainer, right? Glad you agree. We’re thrilled to announce this partnership, and have the opportunity to give back to my marine neighbors through the amazing work of the STC. Their focus is on promoting the health and well-being of not only marine turtles, but also their habitats. In fact, all of us here at Turtle HQ even got the opportunity to work with them when we were in Florida a couple of months ago on building protective screens for sea turtle nests! These guys do fantastic work, and if you want to help them out, all you must do is grab a few daring friends and head to The Turtle. This is where our friends at Naked Turtle come in. They are the geniuses behind the rum that goes into the Original and Hurricane versions of the legendary Hell in the Shell shared cocktail. Every time you order one of those bad boys moving forward, a portion of the proceeds will be donated directly to the STC. There’s nothing better than drinking for a cause.
Also, make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’ll be announcing a brand-new contest to go along with our STC partnership that could make you $500 richer. More details to follow!
Ok. I need some help, you guys. I need to know when this goat explosion happened. And no, I don’t mean that there was some poor goat somewhere that exploded and I want to know why. I mean that, in the last few months, I have seen more videos featuring goats than I have in the rest of my life combined. Goats. Goats everywhere. Goats in pajamas. Goats making human noises. Goats eating funny things. People having pet goats. I don’t understand how this happened. But now, amid all this goat nonsense, we have officially jumped the…goat.
No, I am not kidding. There are multiple places where one can partake in yoga, whilst surrounded by goats. They chew on your mat, they snuggle with you, they bite your toes. This is a real thing. It’s such a real thing, in fact, that I HAD MY CHOICE OF GOAT YOGA VIDEOES TO INCLUDE HERE. Don’t believe me? Take a look:
A 600-person waiting list. For Goat Yoga. Seriously. How do people even come up with this stuff?
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